September 14, 2008




We offer three different types of Porsche 911 Pedalboards. The first type called "STREET" comes in a set of left and right side boards. They replace the old wooden, mostly rotten boards. They will most likely go underneath your carpet.

The other type is called "RACE" and will most likely go into a car with a more competitive setup. It is a true weight saver and yet comes with all features of the "STREET" version. It includes a driver's side panel only, as the other side will not be covered at all. (For cars without carpeting). Pedalboards fit all Porsches 911 1973 through 1989 (including S, SC, Targa, Turbo, except cpnvertibles).

Third, we are offering a pedal board for the many right-hand-drive Porsche 911's out there. We finally put this product on the market as we had many inquiries about a product like this. It is shaped for a perfect fit.

All boards install easily without taking out pedals. Lift up carpets, unscrew single bolt on bottom floorpan, and exchange.

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Testimonial: "I recently purchased a set of your aluminum floorboards for my 1980 911 Targa which had been somewhat neglected by its prior owner. The fit and finish of your product is great. They fit nice and snug, and seem immoveable once installed. Definitely of the proper quality befitting a pruduct of Stuttgart! The only downside is that they are hiding under my carpet so no one can see them. Thanks for solving my problem!!!"

GBB, Washington State, USA

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